Project Description

A rebranding exercise to align the brand across five countries in Europe.

The aims of the projects were to:

  • Present a consistent brand across Europe, in line with the new brand guidelines
  • Increase commercial opportunities
  • Give flexibility to meet local marketing needs

The Approach

  • Competitive analysis was done with 31 sites benchmarked across the 5 countries around Europe – United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy
  • 3 Area Types were identified – Functional, Inspiration and Opportunities
  • The Areas Strategy was to help people make the most of their free time with new, creative and unexpected ideas for every single day.

Framework Grid

  • A framework grid was developed to facilitate the aims of the projects – giving flexibility to each market.

Developed Look and Feel

  • Finally we experimented with the look and feel based on the new corporate identity. The core consumer being adventurous or young at heart urbanites, and the brand personality being savvy and adventurous.