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A rebranding exercise to align the lastminute.com brand across five countries in Europe.

The aims of the projects were to:

Present a consistent brand across Europe, in line with the new […]

Policy Expert – My Account

A series of wireframes highlighting initial thoughts on how the customer account should function once a customer has logged onto Policy Expert.

The current sole purpose […]

Flow – Posting of documentation

A flow to oversee the process of creating documentation for customer with and without email addresses.

Buy Flow

A set of high-level task flows created for the various scenarios on how a customer could get a quote, buy a product, or save the […]

Contact the Elderly Website


Contact the Elderly needed to refresh their website, and simplify the process of volunteering for the organisation.

After meeting with the stakeholders, I created a set […]

T-Mobile Site Redesign

Wireframes created as part of the T-Mobile redesign. Principles included simplicity, engagement and informative.

Motor Insurance Question Set

A prototype put together using Axure to test the next phase of the Policy Expert Insurance Product – Motor Insurance. From initial feedback gathered from […]