T-Mobile – Redesign



We teamed up with Conchango to redesign the T-Mobile website. The projects objectives were to be bold in how we present page content and design, showcasing our customer services, promoting online as the channel of choice.
To create a branded and engaging user experience that simplifies and informs intuitively from sales to service encouraging our customers to return regularly.

Project Duration

This project took place between September 2009 and February 2010. I worked on this project as User Experience Designer for T-Mobile, alongside Conchango.

My Role

I was part of a small team alongside Conchango. I was responsible for the UX design work – wireframes, and  the visual design, including branding for the corporate website.

Business Objectives

  • Deliver a 25% increase in web conversion
  • Drive upgrades on line from 5% to ≥10%
  • Achieving 4.4m transactions in the customer account

The Challenge

  • provide a more focused design, with easier to understand content
  • help the user with a clear hierarchy of the page
  • create a flexible design that can be easily maintained by the T-Mobile team
  • make the user journeys consistent and enjoyable
  • bring the brand values into the design
  • make the page content more structured and helpful

What Customers Said

Usability testing was conducted onsite at the T-Mobile offices in Hatfield.

Clearer primary navigation need
Users frequently missed the different plan types
Simplify, improve layout, too much detail for a homepage
Tools needed to help people choose between phones

The Approach

The process we worked to was highly collaborative and iterative, focused on rapid delivery and development, working across internal and external Conchango teams.

We considered the user flows for each section, producing hand drawn.



Once all the flows were agreed upon with the stakeholders, high level wireframes were then created.



increase in web conversion


increase in upgrades online


increases in customer account activity